Sunday, October 19, 2008


first and foremost, i hate having to use the shift key just for 'i' and the ending of sentences.  so don't expect to find many (except for the stupid (), +, and ").

that out of the way, let me attempt to briefly describe myself.

- have a bs in computer science
 - knows c, c++, perl, shell scripting, sql, php, javascript
 - refuses to do windows
 - been using linux since 1995, but now dual-boot ubuntu with my macbook pro
- currently living  in tanzania east africa and plan on spending the rest of my life here.
- am currently really into digital photography and will be posting photos here or somewhere
- you can find me here: 
2 01'26.22" S 33 52'49.68" E on google maps.

if you need to know more about me, i might answer an email. 

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